Sep 8, 2007

a compendium of useless cellphone media

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sacred urnscar lift in Seoulkim bap menua muddy Samairport hangover foodLaura in Seoul
Sangria in Seoul?6 to a room at the 'Drama Hotel'Adam at MangsangTre and SunnyLois likes Taxisboring days
Beijing detailthe wallall squid, all the timethe 'special' classfireworks at Boryeongrandom hotel decor
sunflowers in Gangneungpre-season at MangsangBeijing opera faceJoe is Joemy little ponywhite wine in Seoul
bathroom rules - Beijing clubSunny sayslooking at mesummer crossingbbq conchBeijing taxi
cafe 'what?'winkSeoul sipspre-season at Mangsangtex mex chandelier in Seoulthat's what I said
me and sam at mud feston the way - corea del nortetemple of heaven5-day markettequila and a hotel lobbythe special class part 2
dusty bottles at 'what?'train to mudhutongsunnyceilingmud
gorgeous MangsangBeijing Beihai parklooking rather ridiculousfamily mart anticsmy handsome Germanfireworks part 2
sunlit urnsa favorite studentMangsang pre-seasonLoey and her boySunny with a Hitesilent roar