Jul 25, 2007

Sorry, I'm barely back and already busy with snotty-nosed summer camp kids. And somehow it's more stressful than regular classes, because these kids definitely do not want to learn when there's summer vacation to be had just beyond their reach.

I'm also really tired of the internet. It's becoming an inadequate excuse for human contact with all of you at home (just now?). I'm not knocking it, I'm just craving some more face time since I had touch of it this holiday.

Not much more of this...

Edit: As Mom thankfully pointed out, this post sounds bitter, I wanted to correct this by pointing out that I mean 'snotty-nosed summer camp kids' in an endearing way, seriously, I like these kids, even with their snotty noses!


Sam said...

"Seconded," he wrote on the internet.

riley said...

same same.