Mar 31, 2007

comments, skype and staying in touch

As Gorbido thankfully pointed out, my commenting section was being a little picky about who could comment on posts, so I've remedied that situation - all you have to do is translate the little illegible-letters-as-an-image dealio that ensures you're actually a human person and not a trolling machine, hit the OK button and voila. Please comment even if it has nothing to do with the blog - I want news from home. For all you lazy butts, it may even be easier than going the e-mail route.

On another note, for interest's sake, does anyone have or use Skype? I'm planning on hooking myself in. Fittingly, their slogan is 'take a deep breath' (and hold it until they pick up). Once I'm a subscriber, it amounts to free international calls between myself and anyone else using the program (as well as very decently low rates for via-internet international calls).

I'll have a cell phone as well and incoming calls will be free for me - I'll post the number here before too long (after my first paycheque?).

This week's lesson plan: 'Simon Says' at varying degrees of difficulty.

Simon says send me an e-mail sometime soon.

1 comment:

garby said...

simon says have a beer on a school night

done and done

I owe you an email. You'll get 'er soon.

I had to type "xxsqk" to prove I'm human.