Apr 4, 2007

Blood Diamond

Movie downloads are the equivalent of a night out here in Jeongseon, so I bought a tall bottle of beer when I finally got my hands on Blood Diamond and settled in to watch it via laptop. Besides the diamond-capitalist reprobate spin and other African-conflict mutilating grotesqueries, I noticed here's another movie that portrays its do-good journalist as a hyper intelligent and absolutely gorgeous drinks-a-lot trollop who sleeps with [or nearly sleeps with] her always-exciting and mysterious interviewees. No wonder I went into journalism. I watch a lot of movies.


lisa said...

movies without sex scenes just piss me off. but you're right, the journalist trollop is a pretty standard character these days.

also, I just realized I'm sitting at my laptop with my coat and backpack on... I must have really missed the internet today


riley said...

i live for e-mail. it's depressing.

ha ha i'm exempt from the type-test!