Apr 28, 2007

a note for Lisa

Hi Goober,

If you can get your hands on this, the freshest issue of BOBBi, I may have an silly little article in there about boys on TV or some such fluffery you might get a kick out of. You asked me if there's anything I want you to send - send this if you can get your hot little hands on it. I'd like to add it to my I-wrote-it archives.

Everyone else: go pick up a copy for your own personal use (you know you watch Prison Break anyway), so BOBBi can make money, go monthly and start paying me more. And if you do happen to stumble across the afore mentioned article, please don't judge me for being the quarky little apple who fell so far from the noble reputable-journalist tree, she was forced to compile a 'best-TV-catch-phrases' list. Laugh it off, just laugh it off. I promise the next issue will be better. I actually scored an interview next time around.

Also, I called Prison Break 'Jailbreak' before self-editing this post, which actually proves that I don't watch it. The guy on the cover is cute though. I'm assuming from this picture he plays a lawyer, doctor or undercover cop or is all of these things at the same time. TV is confusing.


lisa said...

uh, actually he goes to prison ON PURPOSE to break out his brother who's on death row... for something he didn't do... duhn duhn duhn...

will do, chickeroo. if I'm sending a smaller box I'll photocopy it and keep the original here for when you get back. canada post is weird in pricing parcels... I find cereal boxes work well...


and shit, that fake word reminded me of Pet Cemetary and now I may not sleep.

/end drunken ramble

riley said...

go go gadget photocopier!

nice drunk ramble, yeah I sort of know the premise of prison break, so I'm a kidding.. but doesn't it seem like BOBBi actually doesn't know (is this photo supposed to be ironic or something)?

Their photographer either totally lacked imagination or they had to use stock images [most likely]. But is this the summer issue, like shouldn't he be on a beach or something?

This looks like the cover of law weekly.

Or maybe I just don't think he's that cute.

I thought Pet Cemetery before I read that you thought it too. Don't let the nasty zombie cats bite, you might end up with zombie rabies, which is like normal rabies except you crave brains.

lisa said...

Bad news.

I picked up Bobbi and you're not in it... unless you wrote the unnamed article on Survivor Studs. You're not listed under contributors... so, I guess I'll read it anyway? Meh.

riley said...

must have been bumped.
well you can read it, but without me, the interest factor drops by like a third of a percent.