Apr 19, 2007

Wow, I am seriously a little lonely. Someone mail me a puppy.


Kelly said...

Awwwww, poor Sarah! I'm going to Dairy Queen with Traci & her two girls for supper to try to ease the pain of the great loss we suffered today (Sean's snail died ... it's quite tragic), but we will raise a glass of hi-callory carbonated drink to you and wish you warmth and comfort! We'll also raise a glass to your dad (our "street" dad) to commemorate his 70th year! We love him so much, you know ... he's so much like a father to us too. We both have such great "Bob" stories.

Try not to feel too lonely ... you're living a great life of adventure and you're the envy of us older-folk who wish we'd have taken the chances you are. Live every moment without regret!

There's my words of wisdom for this 19th day of April, 2007! I'm off to make myself beautiful for my exciting outing.


ps ... Isn't it funny ... Traci has a child named Sarah ... I have one named Sean ... You Riley's have a definite subconscious connection with us! ;) xo

gorbidos said...

a) Your dad is 70? awesome! Happy birthday to him!

b) Puppies pee all over the place. You don't need that right now.

c) I think you should start writing a novel. Even if it's just for me.


riley said...

Well Kelly, I'm glad someone is making use of those names, since Sean and I tend to mostly follow Dad's lead and just go by 'Riley'.

Sorry to hear about your Sean's snail (what's the life-expectancy of one of those critters anyway?).

Oh man, speaking of a 'Bob' story, did I ever tell you about the time A Dairy Queen chicken strip cracked his dentures clean in half? He had to leave without his two front teeth. I tried to make him eat some of my sundae to cheer him up - "look on the brightside," I said, "you don't need teeth for softserve!"

Well I'm missing home. But Garbs is right anyway, puppies pee a lot. Consequently, that's the working title of my new novel...

natania said...

Lol..Taylor's goldfish ate our snail..they say that they just love that kind of thing..eww..
Get a fish lol..Something you can flush away when you leave and not feel too bad about!
Everyone I know has a "Bob" story...everyone knows him...he knows everyone...goes to show what a great person he is!!! Love ya xoxo
Write a novel, could be some interesting reading!

Kelly said...

"Puppies Pee A Lot"; A novel by Sarah Riley!!!

Hmmm ...sounds like a Pulitzer prize winner to me!!!!

Thanks for the condolensces on Snaily. Yes, it was quite a day here yesterday, but thankfully the Mitchell girls helped to cheer the Preston boys. To answer your question, I believe the life expectancy on those critters is 6 months. So what will we do? Why, get more of course and do this all over again in October or so!