Apr 18, 2007


Captain Sci-Fi Underpants alerted Joe (who hasn't left yet - yay) and I that someone is on his way to replace the midnight runner (see previous post). We crowded around him with baited breath to hear the details like inmates about to induct a new prisoner.

"Well apparently, the principal says he seems really nice," said the Captain, "and he's a New Zealander."

"Cool," said Joe, "he'll have a wicked accent."

"And hopefully he'll bring some NZ wine!" I bleeped like a kid in a candy shop.

"Well, actually..." the Captain paused melodramatically -

We leaned in.

" - he's like, 65 years-old."

Average Joe, Captain Sci-Fi and the Old Man. These are the characters in my tragicomedy.

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