Apr 17, 2007

scared English-less

So, Joe confided in me that he almost left yesterday. Left Korea, that is.

I haven't mentioned it on the blog, but when I arrived here there were actually three guy-foreigners instead of two - the ne'er mentioned of the three made the midnight run my second week, a desperate act also known by it's other name: bailing-the-eff-out-and-going-home. It's hard in such a small somewhat-isolated city, no wonder. And when you're here alone... Joe has me nervous though, I mean, he's normal AND he speaks English. If he leaves, I'll only have Captain Sci-Fi Underpants and a slew of hard-lined Koreans to chat with.

Joe, please don't go!

Homesickness sucks.


Natania said...

Hey!! Love your blog, keep up the good work! It's great to hear what's going on besides this boring place.
Don't worry about being home sick, you're not missing much lol....You're a very beautiful, smart, and strong lil sis and I'm proud of you! So have fun, enjoy yourself before you have to come back to this reality.:) Cheers, love ya xoxo

riley said...

Yeah, I hear all I'm missing is a ton of rain and snow from the latest nor'easter. better get out those flood pants! I miss you guys.. :)


lisa said...

Hey! Joe! Don't go!

You're also missing hockey playoffs. Helllllloooooo!