May 11, 2007

climbing some mountains

Nothing up here but me and the weather.

(Literally, I met the weather guy.)


natania said...

Wow! It's really beautiful up there!! Miss you xo

Kelly said...

It makes me want to shout; "DE PLANE, DE PLANE!"

....are you too young to get that reference???? Sheesh!

Hope you're diet is working better for you now. Be careful what you eat over there...crazy girl!


riley said...

working better for me, or not biting back when I bite in? ha ha no worries, I'm off dog for good.


Joefilmfan said...

Dog eating is the shame of the Korean people.

That...and pop star Rain.

riley said...

hey, they can't all be Will Yun Lee.

rain is on heavy rotation here, but thankfully, they never exported the other group i see on posters in these parts - a boy band called 'g.o.d.' - it might be sacrilege to say they suck.