May 3, 2007

sunny's disposition

The teacher who doesn't carry a stick, my deskmate, Sunny, has been with her boyfriend for four years running. A little more than two of those years they've spent apart, the first while she traveled in Australia for a year and the second still happening now while he studies in Vancouver.

He's making the 11-odd hour trek from Vancouver to Jeongseon this week to spend some time with her. As I write this, he's landing at Incheon, and it's infectiously adorable how brightly she's glowing. She hasn't seen him in nine months.

This won't be a familiar scenario for me, since I won't be reuniting with a boyfriend in nine months (more likely I'll be getting acquainted with first name, 'Christmas' last name, 'alone' around that time[!]), so I don't know exactly how she feels, but I imagine the excitement building these last few hours of her nine-months-to-boyfriend countdown is similar to what I'll be feeling when my countdown reaches just a few hours to home, I'll probably miss it that much (I'm sorry for badmouthing you, Toronto).

If I look half as happy as her a little under a year from now, boarding the plane for the 16-odd hour trek back to Someplace, Canada - wow from the looks of her - rockets, fireworks and shooting stars.

Uh, well, it's only May..


Kelly said...

Sounding a wee bit lonesome there, Riley ...

... working on stuffing that puppy into pee-proof envelope as we speak.

Chin up, young grasshopper!

riley said...

say 'pee-proof puppy package' five times fast.

natania said...

Why do I keep coming out with pucky package????