Jun 29, 2007

boys rule, girls drool

Koreans are more comfortable splitting at male and female, even more so with the kids, though their preferred topic of conversation is the opposite sex. So I separated my more gifted 14 year-old extracurricular class and gave the two groups a questionnaire about marriage. Here are their answers [sic].

  • Is it OK to marry someone who is older than you?

    Girls: Yes, because we love older man.

    Boys: Yes, because she is good for me.

  • Is it OK to marry a foreigner?

    Girls: No, because we don't want to bear foreign baby.

    Boys: No, because my kid is distinct.

  • Is it OK to marry someone who's crazy?

    Girls: No. We don't like crazy man.

    Boys: No! Because very tiring.

  • Is it OK to marry someone smarter than you?

    Girls: Yes, because we like smarter man.

    Boys: Yes, because she gets a lot of money.

  • Girls, would you marry someone poorer? Boys, someone richer?

    Girls: No, we don't want a hungry life.

    Boys: Yes, because I will be rich.

  • It it OK to marry someone who is the same gender as you?

    Girls: We don't want to marry with a girl.

    Boys: No, because we can't enjoy honeymoon.

  • Boys, would you marry someone taller? Girls, would you marry someone shorter?

    Girls: No. We don't match.

    Boys: No, because it is shameful.

  • If your parents don't like your boyfriend/girlfriend, should you marry him/her?

    Girls: We will marry, because we are loving.

    Boys: Yes, because I want sincerely love.

  • What characteristics should your husband/wife have?

    Girls: Kind, cute, clean.

    Boys: No, because I don't like characteristics. Sexy.

  • Is it OK for a husband to cook?

    Girls: Yes.

    Boys: No Yes, because I will be nice husband.

  • Should a wife have a job?

    The girls x'ed this question

    Boys: Yes, we will be rich.

  • Should a husband have a job?

    Girls: Yes, because we want a life.

    Boys: Yes, if we don't have a job, that is disgrace.

  • How many children should a Korea couple have?

    Girls: One boy, one girl.

    Boys: 3, 8, 11, 2, 100, 2, 6/127 = 21.

  • Is divorce OK?

    Girls: We don't want to divorce.

    Boys: NO!


Sam said...

That's really interesting Sarah.

Especially the bit about "bearing foreign baby." I assume it's a taboo that is letting up a little, but is being "distinct" really so shameful?

Distinct... that really resonates.

Sure, there is racism everywhere you go. Hell, the Maritimes is a pretty racist part of Canada. But I'm sure here in Korea, it doesn't seem like such a negative thing with 99% racial hegemony on your team.

riley said...

I might be guilty of giving them leading questions, and 'distinct' may or may not have come from a digital translator...

It's funny, but I see them as such a homogeneous separate race themselves that I don't even register the racism anymore - it's like you say.

They're so universally the same, and I'm different, just one little separate person who's different but luckily not in an extreme way - they acknowledge racial differences in more explicit terms than I do, but it seems normal to me now and doesn't faze me - maybe I've been indoctrinated because I'm a pretty easy-to-swallow version of 'white'.

Would I have been so if I showed up Indian or Black? Or even if I'd been fair skinned and blond?

Don't know.