Jun 24, 2007

casino part 2 - livin' in a gamer's paradise

OK, Mike's playing Namco's 'Alpine Center', which is hardly novel or anything, and neither is arcade basketball...

But you look closely at the scoreboard, Susie there is up 25 with 8 seconds to go without a snowball's hope in hell of hitting the 'record' - 403. I was a little suspicious that the blinking LEDs were making that number up.

Then I saw this:


Asian gamer skills are absolutely jaw dropping. I know it's a stereotype, but it's a totally-deserved and well-earned one. I swear my Korean kids were born sending text messages on the one hand and playing star craft with the other, and outside school and soccer there's never a moment not occupied with technological adrenal pwnage. I suspect it's because the teenagers here aren't on dope. Recreational drug use is next to nil, so seizure-inducing video games are the big high. Even I got pretty worked up playing Come on Baby. Maybe too worked up on the diastolic scale. This is us checking our blood pressure afterwards.

My points were up by five.

Our big Saturday night out at the casino wrapped with a blood pressure check - if it means getting out of Jeongseon, pretty much anything passes for excitement.


Mark Palermo said...

Joseph Kahn is a master of the Clean Sweep claw machine. Seriously, the guy never loses. But I don't think it has much to do with him being Asian. I think it's cuz he watches a lot of Survivor.

Mark Palermo said...

Did you know that your blog is rated PG-13? Mine got an NC-17.


riley said...

well at least I'm not so sanitized that I'm a G. I'm satisfied with PG-13 (my parents read it so...!).

You said porn too much in your latest post, that's why you're so very not suitable for kids.

Weird though, your rating's worse than Hostel II, does that mean it's possible you are by definition MORE sadistic than Eli Roth?

At the casino arcade, the claw machine was full of stuffed Astro Boys. I lost my shit. Where was Joe when I needed him?

riley said...

wait, is that what you were talking about or is the 'clean sweep' claw thingie you mentioned something completely different

Mark Palermo said...

It's the claw machine.

It doesn't mean my blog is more sadistic that Hostel II. Just more obscene. But that's the way the MPAA works... it's better to be hung upside down, cut open with a knife and bled to death than to say the word "porn." (Oops, I did it again.) I mean, your blog contains dog eating!

riley said...

Wow. I will really never watch that movie.

Dog eats is good eats.

Joefilmfan said...

I learned very early that with a complete lack of good looks, one must then excel at frivolous games that reward your date with obscure displays of physical skill, as well as cheap stuffed animals.

riley said...

it's true - I'm a sucker for obscure physical skills and the opposite sex. can't tell you how many times I said yes to a date just because he could pop bones out of joint, make weird pointy shapes with his tongue or do the worm.

worm guy was awesome! (why did I give that up?)