Jun 22, 2007

get the big picture? (North Korea post - the last)

Welcome to Kim Town.

Credit where credit is due - Alex took this picture with his sweet little camera. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

This is a tile-mosaic mural that stood at least twenty-five feet high outside the front of our hotel in Kumgangsan. Anyone taking a picture of the mural directly would have been subject to a North Korean anti-terrorist style military shake down. The only remedy was recruiting a bell hop to take the picture for you. No word on whether that's what Alex did, or whether he just snapped and ran. But as for me, I was just too mystified by the process to put my little cam in the hands of a North Korean doorman to get this shot. Cheers, Alex. This is Kimtastic.

The Kims mark the end of my North Korea posts.

I'm not sure what you two seem to be doing on Mars, but thanks guys!

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