Jul 12, 2007

Mark Palermo

Is a genius. I always say that, because it's true.

This is the movie he shot last summer. The trailer is dope and I'm positing it here with his permission. He cast me in a really wicked cameo, see if you can spot my backside!


Mark Palermo said...

Aww thanks! I like when people insist I posses a good quality, because it makes me afraid to argue with them. If you pay close attention, this trailer revolves around themes of booty and God.

Kelly said...

You have a butt shot in here?? There was a couple of them and since I'm not all that familiar with your arse, perhaps you could be more specific.

Oh, and does that mean your arse is now available for autographs??

How's things going anyway? How are ya??


lisa said...

I, unlike the lady who posted above me, have seen your ass so many times I could pick it out of a lineup.


Please come back from vacation. I check your blog every day and I need new posts!

riley said...

damn, I really hope that comes in handy some day ;)