Jul 3, 2007


I wasn't there when they decided to put my name in the hat, but I was there when they pulled it out. Maybe they didn't think it through all the way.

The 'lottery' was the end-of-semester gift to all teachers. "I've never won anything before..." I thought. I always think that during a draw. There were thirty or so prizes though, each growing in size to the finale, lots of chances.

And surprise - I did win. I won the last prize (and consequently one of the biggest): a nice new mountain bike, honestly. Chincha [really]!? Then they made me give it away while I was still in disbelief over having won it in the first place.

"You don't need it.. do you?"

Being cornered like that is embarrassing. I almost said, "well who really does need it?" But the Canadian in me stepped aside, a wry fake smile the only thing giving away my mixed confusion.

I guess I didn't need it. I just didn't want them to take it away because I'm a foreigner - not *really* a part of the whole but a token - because after looking at every angle, that's the only way it breaks down.

I reached into the pot and pulled out someone else's name. I wonder if he needed it? No one asked him.

Whatever, it's just a damn bike. I'm not five-years-old.

I don't want your stupid Korean mountain bike anyway!

Some days are good days, some days are they-took-my-bike-away days.


Shane Patenaude said...

Funny story. Sorry that you couldn't have the bike. Everyone deserves a bike, and you'll have it eventually.

When I was young I won a bike in a lottery draw at a Burger King. Last year I had a bike stolen while living here in Korea.

You see, the universe balances things out.

Pathetic Kitten said...

I won you a bike but they pilfered-ed it...