Apr 9, 2007

the cost of doing business

Try as I may, I can fill the basket to the brim with every last whimsical thing I'd like to eat (whether I can read the labels and know what it is or not), I can grab as many vegetables as I can carry, stuff as much milk and yogurt up my sleeves as will fit, I just cannot manage spend more than $30 at the local grocery store. I swear I've tried, but shit is so beyond cheap here. A damn litre of beer is only a couple bucks. Beat that. This is like when the old folks talk about the 'good ol' days' where such-and-such only used to cost 30 cents.

Well, not everything. Toilet paper is almost two bucks a roll. There's no forestry industry to speak of here, so no trees. I've been telling myself the fact that it's imported justifies the price.


garby said...

Isn't there some sort of cheap food you could buy to wipe your bum with?


riley said...

cabbage. i think it would plug the toilet though.