Apr 8, 2007

mailing address

Send cheese! Send wine! Send vibrators!

South Korea, Gangwon-do, Jungseon-gun, Jungseon-eup, Bongyang-ri, Hytsvilla 106 Zip: 233-805

Of course, your regular run-of-the-mill snail mail is welcome too...


Kelly said...

You're such a goofball!

Take care of yourself. Watch yourself ... be good ... behave ... um ... what else can I say that sounds "big sisterly" and yet not cuz ... well ... I'm not your big sister!

It's pretty cool that you're over there. Your real big sister gave me your blog site ... was just perusing before I went to bed after a killer shift. I'll read more later ... when (if) I get time.

Take care!

riley said...

hey - so great to hear from you! hope your whole fam (and those two cutie boys of yours) are good.

don't worry about me over here.. it's the Koreans that have to worry ;)

big hugs.

Kelly said...

My fam is good. I love them bunches, but I also love it when I get alone time(like now ... yahoooo).

Oh, and yes ... it IS the Korean folk I'm worried about ... you nutjob!

Don't forget to wish your Daddy a happy 70th tomorrow .. or .. er ... um .. is it tomorrow already there? Man, I get so confused with the time difference! Traci & I were talking about doing something dasterly to your folks' home (don't forget -- my folks have KEYS!!!!!!) but I haven't decided yet what to do. Maybe we'll do nothing. Maybe we'll do something. ;-)

Cheers, from a soggy NB.