Apr 7, 2007

random photo goodness

This is what I've got to work with in Jeongseon - these are the only other two foreigners in the whole town. Joe, on the left, is from Niagara Falls (Canadian side), is Italian, likes classic dude movies including 'Van Wilder', listens to Nickleback and Opera, and mostly misses Canadian weed. He'll be gone in a few months. He's hugging Gordon who's a forty-something dude from Canada but we don't know exactly where. His likes include computer games, collecting female costumes from Sci Fi series purchased at exorbitant prices and long walks in the mountains (oops, did I mention he's also a virgin?). They're decent guys (but doesn't Gordon look sort of like a scary psychotic Mr. Dressup here? Fitting).

I pass by Jeongseon's few storefronts thinking, 'wow that's kinda cute... I mean, the ugliest thing I have ever seen."

I AM GodZiRA! You are tiny pair of pants!

on a side note: my hair looks like a fucking wig. I'm growing out the black.

We're going for 'kim bap', which translates to seaweed ('kim') rice ('bap'). It looks like sushi, but rest assured, it is not.

My homies.

This better be good, you guys.

Negotiating twisty little alleyway markets on our way to the grocery store, I pass on raw squid.

Yeah, pass on the octopus too.

Either this is green tea cereal (!) or Post hired Popeye and the Green Giant as product managers.

Stocking up for the weekend - beer, more beer and green tea ice cream. The whole shebang costs about $6.


Natania said...

You can have and try all that nasty looking food...I wouldn't even do it if it was on Fear Factor, and alot of money lol...glad you are able to try new things..not for me!!! Cheers xo

riley said...

ha ha, not down with octopus? I know you're the mac and cheese type ;)

Mark Palermo said...

Mail me some of that green tea cereal.