May 22, 2007

sex in spaaaaaaace

"NASA hates to talk about it, but as space voyages get longer and travel further, astronauts are likely to find the need for sex comes into play.."


Who cares about space sex? Someone call up NASA, tell them not to get so many damn light years ahead of themselves and get them focused on how we're going to solve the 'single white female in need of play traveling further and longer in small-town Korea' dilemma - otherwise, the probability-of-no-sex-for-a-year affliction is one I'm guessing I'm going to suffer from. I can't believe it's looking like my chances of having sex in space are better than my chances of having the earthbound variety in 2007. Someone mail me a rocket.


lisa said...

I see your potential one year and raise you an actual one... plus a few months.

riley said...

dude, that is your own fault. you're not surrounded exclusively by middle-aged married Korean men who don't speak English. go have sex.

Kelly said...

Try being married for 10 years!!

Sex becomes this "thing" you used to do for fun....then for a purpose ... and now it's, well ... it's like the dentist--you know you have to go, but you'd really rather just stay home and take a nap!

Pretty sad, eh?...xo

riley said...

jeeze. I can't believe you just made a sex = dentist analogy. I'm going to pretend I didn't just read that. :P