Jun 5, 2007

fashion cares about sexual repression

Make no mistake. I hate vice. I Think they're over indulgent coke snorting self-aggrandizers who purport that not giving a shit is superior, when really they're begging for attention. It's why I read them. They're their own best joke. That, and the fact that sometimes bare crass humor disguised as laisser-faire intellectualism is the best kind.

Oh, and sometimes they do it better than I do it.

I was going to write this.

Korean couples wear matching t-shirts. Now you know.

The reasoning behind this is that PDAs are still a little taboo in this country and it's led couples to interesting territory-marking solutions (still, as if I could've convinced any of my ex-boyfriends to coordinate wardrobes - half of them couldn't even dress themselves let alone think dually).

Points to the couple I saw in Seoul who matched up bold logo'd World Wildlife Fund t-shirts. Now that's a cause worth taming your wild-ons for.


Mark Palermo said...

Couples co-ordinating wardrobes is a pretty useful idea. When somebody's taken, it lets others know not to be interested. It's like showing you've already been indoctrinated into a society. And I'm not interested in people who identify with social groups anyway. The Koreans are ahead of the game on this one.

riley said...

it's funny how it actually creates sort of a single moving entity out of two separate people. It's probably the most effective 'we're together' signal a couple could send - I don't think holding hands can hold a card to the matching t-shirts trend. It's alluring and intimidating in a respect-demanding way at the same time. It's an attractive, smiling two-headed monster.