Jun 5, 2007

found on a notebook #1

Sam is so right about Koreans and their obsession with the cuteness factor. I can't teach one class without pausing to do quizzical double takes at the stationary. The notebook cover-standard over here is overdose-on-adorable images together with totally unclear Konglish messages. Sometimes the combination is unexpectedly existential, sometimes delightfully baffling and always funny - except no one's in on the joke but me.

If I started collecting hard copy, my luggage would surely bog down my future flight back to Canada, so this is the first [online] installment of 'found on a notebook'.

I wish I had had such a close intimate Janet-Jackson-lyric-esque friendship with a puppy when I was a tot, then everything might have been rainbows and red diapers.

1 comment:

lisa said...

I want that notebook.

I have the same fun with my esl class, but with their t-shirts instead of notebooks. One of them is just a plain tshirt with one sentence on it below some sort of logo. It has a bunch of nonsense on it and all I can pick out is something about "frank enstein"