Jun 2, 2007

ring ring

I have to blog more about my new cellphone again, because I've surprised myself with how quickly the gorgeous little thing has become an extension of my arm - I've settled into cellphone use as eagerly and easily as the adolescents I teach. I find myself frantically sending SMS replies like, "nothng, wht r u up 2?" at all hours. What the hell. The last cellphone I cared about, I bought in 2003 and promptly lost to a purse-thief in downtown Halifax at Rain (is that shitty nightclub still there?). Since then, I'd formed the opinion that cellphones are the source of too much electronic diarreha, and I refused on the principle to purchase a worthy one.

Well, until now anyway. Korea's changed all that. Damn you, Samsung.

This phone is such a slick little toy. It takes pictures, plays music, keeps my schedule in order and tackles every other task I can think to throw at it with digital abandon.

Oh man, now I understand.

Best part is, I'm using a phone designed for Korean-language use in English, so every now and again the phone throws some cute Konglish at me. Take the 'vibrate' function - I press ' * ' and a little Korean voice pipes up to tell me that I've switched to 'manner mode'. My cellphone has manners! That's more than I can say for most of my friends!

Ha ha, oh hey, I'm not talking about you specifically, *wink*. If I am though, you know who you are.

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