Jun 2, 2007

re: the post about seoul

My brother e-mailed me to say he thought I looked 'happy as hell' in those pictures from Seoul (true), while my Mom made a point of e-mailing to ask me whether a black tank-top with revolvers across the boobs is appropriate for a lady my age (not, apparently). I'm guessing she wasn't wearing her glasses, because she seems to have missed the 'I heart porn' pin on my jacket.

And yes, everyone who said it, apart from just looking goofy, I do seem to look a lot like her in this picture:


Well darn it if she doesn't look amazing for mumblemumble-years-old. I guess I'll be lucky. By the way Mom, this picture is proof you're spending too much time in Florida - I'm white as a bare bum compared to you. That's it, I'm working out the addition of a tanning schedule to my 35-odd hours of teaching time a week.


lisa said...

I think the difference in skin tone might have more to do with lighting... but you do look very white with the dark hair.

If you look at my grad photo and compare it to my sister's it definitely looks like my mom was hooking up with the milk man. She's brown, I'm beyond white. Go figure.

Kelly said...

Told ya!!!...xo

Kelly said...

BTW...I've been looking for an I heart porn pin, as per a lively discussion one nite at work.

Looooooong story.